IGK Annual International Seminar 2018 November 14-16 (Latvia-Riga)
We participated as a speaker to the seminar in Riga to represent our country, organized by our business partner IGK AG, on domestic and international commercial activities, credit insurance risk monitoring, macro and micro economic indicators, credibility and risk analysis, which is also participated by representatives of companies operating in many different sectors in countries like Russia, Belgium, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, China and Poland.
Main Topics Of Our Speech Were:
• Market Conditions in Turkey
• External Factors That Can Effect The Collection Risk of Buyers
• Political Factors That Can Effect Commercial Activities
• Macroeconomic Factors That Can Effect Commercial Activities
• Information Used To Assess The Credibility of Companies and Sources of Information
• Obligation to Submit Tax Statements and Restrictions
• Key Factors in Assessing The Credibility of Companies