These are being formed by preparation of the gathered information about the business operations of the companies which are asked for reporting. The data collection process involves the stages of summarizing the findings of measurement, observation, research and intelligence.


Financial planing is a consultancy service that offers the most applicable financial solutions by assessing companies all the financial needs as a whole. A financial planing expert carefully evaluates incomes, expenditures, assets, risk taking capabilities and the future targets of a company who consult him/her.


After deciding that a business idea is feasible, a business plan is made to decide how to conduct the work and how to develop it. If the idea is decided to be unfeisable, different solutions can be suoght to eleminate the problems or the idea can be left with consensus of consultant and entrepreneur.


About Us

Vadi Danışmanlık has commenced its activities in 2014 in Ankara with the purpose of providing consultancy services about effective management, investment plans and most importantly financial solutions for companies, with its partners who are well experienced about banking, engineering and management.

Vadi Danışmanlık makes every company that it work with to step forward in their line of business with its expert staff and professional employees.

Vadi Danışmanlık provides professional consultancy services for many companies from various sectors and from several cities, espacially from Ankara, Eskişehir and İstanbul.

Vadi Danışmanlık has a valuable network including wide customer portfolio and strong references. Our aim is to increase the value of the companies and help them to build a reliable financial position adapted to todays tough conditions of competition with our result-oriented and professionalist staff.

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